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Military-Media Issues – Edition Two

Baghdad, Iraq. Gen David Petraeus (L), Col Steve Boylan (C), Brian Williams (R). Brian Williams (NBC) makes his pitch to air the first interview with Petraeus one month after assuming command in Iraq. This was the first interview conducted after 30-day of being back in Iraq since 2005 by Petraeus.


We’re proud to present the second edition of this journal, serving as a forum for viewpoints concerning the military-media relationship.  This issue has articles from journalists and from those who have served in the military.

Our lead article is from Col. (Ret.) Steve Boylan on understanding the military-media relationship.  He should know, having served as Gen. David Petraeus’ public affairs officer in Iraq.

Other interesting articles come from journalists embedded with troops in Afghanistan and who participated in a week-long workshop where journalists got a taste of Army life.  We also have an article from an Army major who took a walk on the “dark side,” interning in a news room at a Kansas City television station.

This e-journal is part of a larger project entitled “Military and the Media.”  The project intends to bring greater understanding by the military and the media of each other. We explain a bit more about the larger program elsewhere in this e-journal.

We invite your participation in this e-journal and solicit your articles and photographs for future editions.  See the “Submissions” section for editorial policy, content and style guidelines, contact information and review/acceptance policies.  We look for material from all ranks and branches of the service, from retired service members, from journalists of any stripe and from anyone else with something thoughtful and relevant to say.

We do remind you that this e-journal and the articles herein reflect only the opinions and points of view of the editors and authors.  The e-journal and its articles do not reflect official Army or military policy, nor that of the McCormick Foundation, nor the policy of Kansas University or the WAW School.

Thank you again for looking at our e-journal.  We hope you find the articles thought-provoking and that, perhaps, you find a better understanding of how the military works, or how journalists do their job.  If so, we have achieved our goal.